YABPa Youth Advisory Board
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The Youth Leadership Summit meets annually in Mechanicsburg at the Child Welfare Resource Center. Youth from all over the state gather to participate in training, workshops, and opportunities to work with and meet other youth and staff from different regions who may share similarities. The Summit is youth led and continues to be an opportunity for youth to display leadership skills, develop resources, improve public speaking skills, as well as participate in many hands-on projects. The ultimate goal of the Leadership Summit is to educate youth, support them in advocating for themselves as well as building a network with others who have the same goal in mind.

2021 Youth Summit



2019 YAB Summit

The 2019 YAB Leadership Summit will be held on June 27 and 28th at the Child Welfare Resource Center. Youth will spend two days attending panel presentations while exploring feedback and insight in two specific areas. Older youth transitioning out of care, as well as benefits and challenges of resource parents in regards to caring for older youth.

If you are interested in attending please reach out to your Regional YAB Coordinator below:

2018 YAB Summit

The 2018 Youth Leadership Summit was held on June 28th and 29th here at the Resource Center. There were 28 youth in attendance from each of the 6 regions throughout the state. There were 3 workshops for both the youth and staff to participate in which included: 

2017 YAB Summit

Youth participants spent 2 days developing a project for a child welfare topic selected by them. Teams were youth led and at the end of the 2nd day they presented their projects to key stakeholders. The project included developing resources for youth, developing informational materials to educate youth, or helping highlight topics. They had the opportunity to work with subject matter experts and particpated in hands-on learning. Youth used leadership skills like: being a team leader, project development and public speaking. They walked away with a better understanding of child welfare advocacy. Topics included: Healthy Relationships, Transition to Adulthood and LGBTQ/SOGIE issues.